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1:1 Professional

Our recommendation for an effective microdosing outcome is to engage with a professional support system. All members of our team are academically qualified, offering a diverse range of therapeutic skills. We provide non-judgmental, trauma-informed support configured to your specific life experience, mindset and intentions.

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Microdosing collective circles offer experiences among a supportive group to address communication skills, attachment styles and growth–promoting. We use a collaborative approach to setting a safe circle with consensual collaborative dialogue. This is how we learn to translate our intentions into actionable steps, consider boundaries, reflect on habits and improve our relating through clear and honest communication.

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Preparation and

Psychedelic preparation and integration are vital to enhancing the benefits of therapy. It involves setting intentions, gaining insights, and integrating them into daily life through therapy, reflection, and discussions.

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We offer a 15 minutes consultation, free of charge, with one of our professionals. Send us an email to arrange a consultation.