1:1 Professional microdosing support

Your personalised 1:1 Microdosing Support can assist you to assess your choice of timing to microdose, the reasons why, and when. To achieve a sustainable positive long-term outcome your personalised session can involve the following principles:

  • HEALTH: physical health, level of energy, level of stress
  • PERSONAL: mood, level of motivation, self-acceptance
  • SPIRITUAL: presence here and now, mind activity, gratitude
  • RELATIONSHIP towards yourself: identity, connection, love/empathy, openness
  • CAREER: attitude, learning, problem-solving, confidence
  • INTIMACY: sexual energy, capacity for connection, attachment styles

Examples of Areas of Focus

  • Offering you tools for tracking transformation
  • Looking at creativity
  • Looking at productivity & intrinsic motivation
  • Support in developing emotional awareness
  • Ideas on how to keep a journal of change

We offer a method of support with systematic steps to help you evaluate your changes, using multiple therapeutic tools.

Our licensed mental health professionals incorporate diverse support methods within your session.

We do not make assumptions that we share the same Worldview as our clients. Each person receives individualised support based on their perspective/needs. Online Individual support sessions can include pre and post-experience. Depending on your history with non-ordinary states, it can be important to prepare for the microdosing process using our well-developed protocols and frameworks. Mircrodsoing Support can offer you a directed systematic self-awareness programme that includes somatic enquiry, self-tracking and accountability.

A 1:1 can help you to discover a willingness to self-educate (a collaborative approach), potentially revealing parts of your life that require attention.

We can offer guidance throughout the microdosing journey by helping you to navigate the experience and reduce common mistakes.


15 minutes consultation - Free of charge

A relaxed conversation, limited to answering your questions, an opportunity to chat about how we can support you

1 session (60 min) - € 140

2 sessions (2 x 60 min) - € 270

6 week Support (6 x 60 min) - € 810

9 week Support (9 x 60 min) - € 1170

12 week Support (12 x 60 min) - € 1510

» Sliding scale provided for people in financial need

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