Microdosing Support is an International Community of Professionals, interested in human development. Collectively we decided to create this project based on our personal and professional experience in the healing properties of psychedelics.

We bring our mental health expertise to people interested in microdosing psychedelics, recommending safety and peer-supported harm reduction. We promote individual, collective and ecological well-being, with emphasis on holistic healthcare, including the experiences of spirituality, non-ordinary consciousness, grief, death, and afterlife.

Collectively, we have witnessed people using psychedelics without supportive environments, or people with vastly varying perspectives on mental health, and have seen a variety of psychological changes that occur from psychedelic use. Support and education are basic principles of harm reduction, and we hope to help minimise some of the risks associated with psychedelics. At the same time, we hope to support, encourage and empower the potentially therapeutic aspects of peoples’ experiences.

Our Mission

We advocate safe and conscious microdosing practices. We wish to contribute to the growth of a mental health field which is respectful of the overall human experience. An approach to integrative care that recognizes the benefit of combining conventional therapies with entheogens.

Our vision is to bridge the gap between the binary models of spiritual vs clinical, where entheogenic practices are accepted and understood as a form of mental health support. To promote individual, collective and ecological well-being, using Mind-Body-Spirit approaches of healing. To promote a more balanced, sustainable and affordable way of living, for the benefit of generations to come.

Our Vision

Our Partners