Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

Preparation is the process of preparing the stage for the psychedelic experience to happen. We do so by setting intentions, getting psychoeducation, gathering our tools and developing a working alliance and a relationship of mutual trust with our guides and therapists.

Integration is the intentional process of incorporating the experiences we had in the non-ordinary state of consciousness into our ordinary lives.

We can best facilitate this process in the context of community. Giving space for sharing of experiences among a supportive group can be therapeutic and growth-promoting. This practice from our ancestors appeared in the form of sitting in circles after ceremonies that involved sacred medicines.

In such a safe context we learn to embody the realisations and insights we had during the psychedelic experiences; we reflect on our lives; we develop ways for self-care; we learn to translate our intentions into actionable steps to change habits, relationships, environments that are not serving us well anymore.

We have partnered with SOMA Institute website to provide guidance and education on your journey.

At Soma Institute preparation and integration circles are run as a 6 week program, to allow the community to gather, to learn about and weave together the threads of psychedelic experiences. These are rich opportunities for group members to understand their strengths helping others while they’re being helped, share individual and collective reflections, learn from each other, experience a sense of belonging, and be seen as their authentic selves in a confidential and safe environment.


You can either send us an email or find all the information on SOMA Institute website