Group Microdosing support

Online facilitated microdosing support group: weekly session, between 8 to 10 participants. The group consists of microdosers sharing intentions and expectations, a 15-minute consultation is a pre-requisite to join the group (free of charge).

Microdosing collective circles are rich opportunities for participants to connect with other microdosers. A circle offers you a supportive group to address your communication skills, better understand your attachment styles and promote your overall growth.

We use a collaborative approach to setting a safe circle with consensual collaborative dialogue. This is how we learn to translate our intentions into actionable steps, understand our Yes’ and No’s, consider boundaries, reflect on habits and improve our relating styles.

The foundation of each circle is a clear and honest contract/communication agreement. Circles are rich opportunities for group members to understand their strengths, share individual and collective reflections, learn from each other, experience a sense of belonging, and be seen as our authentic selves.

During the 15-minute consultation, we will be happy to answer questions or concerns regarding the support group.


  • 15-minute consultation: free of charge
  • 8-week program, max 10 participants, 2 hrs weekly
  • Initial assessment (30 min): 50 euro (not refundable) - group participation: 395 euro
  • Total cost: 445 Euro

» Sliding scale provided for people in financial need

What’s NEXT?

  1. Fill out the google form
  2. Once the form has been submitted you can either:
  • book a 15 minutes free consultation (you must fill out the google form as a first step) OR
  • book directly a full session with one of our team members (you must fill out the google form as a first step)