Reasons to Seek Support

Welcome! it appears you are curious about microdosing. If you would like to do it safely, with support and guidance, you have come to the right place. We offer a harm-reductive approach, guiding your choice to microdose, for your own well-being, in a safe way.

What we Offer

When we embark on a new journey, with an unknown destination, using unfamiliar substances, we realize it can be scary. Our professional team breaks down the microdosing process in an understandable, comforting and safe manner.

All our professionals have a background in mental health, which ensures a deep and informed understanding of your human well-being.

Our multi-disciplinary team offers you the unique opportunity to support your own self-investigation. Our extensive mental health practice and knowledge, together with risk and harm reduction principles, are the foundation of our approach when working with you. This support will be tailored to your unique needs, in a professional and sensitive way.

Here are some examples of presenting themes people that drive people to microdose:

  • A life shock/or major change
  • Personal crisis
  • Feeling stressed
  • Complications with grief or loss
  • Curiosity to expand their life perspective
  • To address compulsive behaviors
  • Simply, to be witnessed in your integration of change
  • Health & Personal story
  • Spiritual belief review
  • Relationship and intimacy issues

What’s NEXT?

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